Our Founder

 Kymberly Muego Maitland-Smith is a conscious creator who is passionate for all things that promote wellness. She is a Sound Healer, Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork Facilitator, and a Reiki Master at her wellness hub - Soul Sierra. Kymberly is also co-founder of 'Nurture Your Nature' - a virtual space where women can express, connect, and empower all qualities of their being.

SOLTI has always been a dream for Kymberly, from studying Art, Fashion Design, and Styling, to travelling and experiencing different forms of holistic healing.

SOLTI is a manifested representation of Kymberly's path as a creative woman, seeker, healer and entrepreneur.

SOLTI is a lifestyle, and through her handmade products, Kymberly wishes to bring awareness to the importance of our well-being and the importance of living in harmony with our planet.