Sage and Eucalyptus Smudge Stick


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Get cleansing with the powerful white sage, lavender, and eucalyptus smudge stick. Improve your intuition, relax your mind, and reduce stress and negative energies in your space. This smudge stick contains Eucalyptus which helps relieve mental exhaustion, enhances spiritual practices, clears nasal passages, and eliminates harmful airborne bacteria. Eucalyptus also revitalizes us and facilitates easy breathing, and feelings of relaxation. Lavender is calming, relaxing, and soothes the nervous system.

 How to smudge:

- Set your intentions before smudging. Open some windows or your door to allow a proper cleanse and to let the smoke escape

- Light the end of a sage bundle with a match or lighter. The tips of the leaves should smoulder slowly, releasing thick smoke. You may use your hand, a fan, or feather to direct this smoke around your body from feet, upwards, and around your space

- Collect ash in the abalone shell

- When you are finished, send gratitude

 Love & harmony

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Tops S/M  M/L
BUST 30" - 34" 34" - 38"
UNDERBUST 25" - 30" 30" - 35"

Pants S  M L
WAIST UP TO 29" UP TO 35" UP TO 40"
HIPS UP TO 36" UP TO 41" UP TO 45"

Tala Dress S/M  M/L
BUST 29" - 37" 37" - 45"

Because of the Tala's loose and bountiful layers. It is only important to measure your bust size.


Vian Dress S  M L
BUST 29" - 33" 33" - 35" 35" - 37"
WAIST UP TO 29" UP TO 35" UP TO 40"
HIPS UP TO 36" UP TO 41" UP TO 45"

Vian Dress runs small


Diani Dress S  M L
BUST UP TO 34" UP TO 36" UP TO 38"
WAIST UP TO 30" UP TO 33" UP TO 36"



Bust - Measure under your arms at the fuller part of your bust (across the nipple line). The tape should be level across your shoulder blades.

Waist - Measure around the smallest part of your waistline. The tape should sit comfortably and not too tight.

Hips - Measure around the fullest part of your low hip. The tape should sit level across your backside.